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Baldenau castle

Baldenau map and directions

Baldenau map and tips in the Region...Position:49°50'07.0"N 7°09'54.1"E...Link Google Maps & Navigation:49.835280, 7.165023


Water castle ruins

Water Castle Baldenau - N°1
Around 1315 Archbishop Balduin von Trier has built this water castle to secure the Kurtrier authority.

Water Castle Baldenau - N°2
In 1982 the ruin was secured after its multiple destructions.

Water Castle Baldenau - N°3
Edgar Reitz used the scenery in the first part of his home trilogy "Heimat". The Traumschleife-LandZeitTour starts here.

Water Castle Baldenau - N°4
The wedge-shaped castle is about 52 meters long and up to 20 meters wide. The 465-meter-high ruin is fed by waters of the Dhron stream. The tower has a height of 24 meters.