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Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de Noirs

This term is used in France to describe a light wine, champagne or crémant made of red grape varieties, but pressed like white grapes. German wine law does not provide for this term, but the amendmends in the EU designation law has made it possible to name a lightly pressed must of red grapes Blanc de Noir. That reguires that the color resembles much more the must of white wine. This is possible because many of the red or black grapes have a light pulp and juice. Pinot Noir grapes are traditionally used on the Moselle. In Austria this combination is called Blanc de Pinot Noir. If you crush fully ripe berries you will see a clear juice (not red or blue). An intense red juice provides the old vine Teinturier du Cher (Därbertraube) and their newly bred hybrids. In Germany these are Kolor, Deckrot and Dunkelfelder.

Here is an excerpt from the Württemberg wine-growing region: The Blanc de Noir from Württemberg is a wine made exclusively from white pressed red grapes, which resembles a white wine and has sensorily a certain fruitiness, for pearl and sparkling is further fine-sparkling or fine-foaming. Source: BMEL

Blanc de Noir shows in the glass complex structures and differs itself from its white relatives through reddish reflexes. Blanc de Noirs wines are still controversial, but because of their low acidity also very popular. Red grape varieties have naturally less acidity than white grapes or are degraded like red wines by malolactic fermentation (zweite Gärung bzw. Milchsäuregärung). A good Blanc de Noir can only be made from healthy and ripe grapes. During harvest it must be ensured that the grapes remain intact in order to be pressed as quickly and gently as possible. Many growers compensate their mistakes with activated carbon filters, which significantly reduce the complexity of the wine. In some wine-growing regions, Pinot Meunier grapes are often used for making wine.

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Blanc De Noirs

Fuerst Hohenlohe, Oehringen, VDP-Gutswein, Pinot Noir, dry

Blanc De Noir

Pinot Noir, Dry, Winery Steffes Mosel Ruwer

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