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World Famous Vineyards

Brauneberg’s vineyards belong to the most popular vineyard locations. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Mandelgraben ( The vines at Mandelgraben cover an area of 175 ha. The name refers to the almond treed that once grew there).
  • Klostergarten ( Klostergarten is with its 95 ha Brauneberg’s second biggest vineyard. The name comes from the gardenat the Franciscan Convent near Filzen).
  • Juffer and Juffer Sonnenuhr ( The steep slope opposite Brauneberg is called Juffer (in Moselle -Franconian - maiden or virgin). The area around the sundial (Sonnenuhr) is considered to be as the exquisitest part of the vineyard, that´s why the name Juffer Sonnenuhr).
  • Kammer ( This small vineyard of only 0.38 ha is located in the Juffer underneath a rock ledge).

Our wine recommendation from Brauneberg: