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this new quality grade was introduced in Germany 2000 to guarantee a high quality product.

This superior quality stands for dry, red or white wines from classic grape varieties and the respective wine-growing region. Only one authorized grape variety may be pressed for this wine. Winemakers set the ideal ratio between acid, sugar and alcohol. Residual sugar must not exceed 15 g / l nor exceed twice the total acidity. Total alcohol content shall be at least 11,5% vol and the must used at least 1% vol. above the minimum alcohol content as defined in the respective region. The term "Classic" is protected in the EU. The price is positioned in the middle price segment. These wines can be combined with many dishes thanks to their dry taste.

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An example from the Moselle wine region:


Deleted since 2018

grape varietyRiesling, Elbling, Rivaner, Pinot Blanc, Pinot GrisRiesling
must weightmin. 1% vol more than required for the grape varietymin. the must weight of a selection
min. of total alcohol11,5 % vol
residual sugarmax. twice the acid value or max. of 15 g/l.max. 1.5 times the acid value or max. 12 g/l.

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Riesling Classic, off-dry

Jupps, Weinmanufaktur Kasel

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