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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing in germany's forests

Forest bathing

the forest, into happiness!

With my pictures I want to awaken your senses and emotions.

One of my favorite projects is the forest, which I would particularly like to mention. We know that oxygen is produced here since our school days. That the walk in the forest has a stress-reducing effect, we have certainly recognized all in ourselves. Scientists found that not only our respiratory system improves the flowability of our blood. In addition, the psychology of color and smell plays a big role. The forest bathing is to lower the pulse and blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. In 2017, Japanese researchers found that during a walk in the forest, the number of cancer-fighting proteins is increasing rapidly. Our body stores this for around 8 days. So get out of the unhealthy city life, because the stress hormone adrenalin, generated by noise, heat, stench, harassment, nighttime brightness and fine dust, puts a strain on our body. So treat yourself to a long walk in the woods!
Source: Prof. Ian Flindell, Prof. dr. Rainer Höger, Prof. dr. Ursula Krämer, Prof. dr. Thomas Penzel, Prof. dr. Michael Schlander, Prof. dr. Joachim Vogt, Prof. dr. Dr. H.-Erich Wichmann.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: Only where you were on foot, you have really been.

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