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Old Vines

Old Vines

Alte Reben

Old vines are something special today. Root genuine vines have survived the phylloxera and many climatic changes. According to German wine law, this term is not protected. It means that the vines, which are over 30 years old, can be named like that. The Alte Rebe should draw attention to a special quality of the wine. Vine´s yield decreases continuously at 20 years and becomes uneconomical. That's why today a 30-year-old vineyard or younger is already grafted. It is said that the grape ingredients have a complex flavor due to the low yield. This can be achieved just by reducing the grapes as well. There are a few more reasons why this may or may not be the case. Anyway, the root genuine vines are very nice to look at. It's more a deeply emotional thing because the grandfather lovingly tended these vines.

In the wine-growing region "Pfalz" on the southern wine route (Weinstraße) you will find the oldest German vines. The ca. 400-year-old Gewürztramine vines from the Rhodter Rosengarten might be one of the oldest vineyards in the world. They have survived the 30-Year War (1618-1648) which already is a sensation. If you want to taste a Gewürztraminer Alte Rebe you are welcome at Weingut Arthur Oberhofer in Edesheim. In our region of the Middle Moselle, I know the oldest Riesling-planted vineyard, which is ca. 100 years old and cultivated by the Winery Regnery. The prices are significantly lower than the typical price level of the Australian Winery Penfolds. Its vineyard Kalimna from 1884 brought the owners a small asset.

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Old Vines N°1

The old vines are in Mertesdorf. Fine Riesling of old vines from the Ruwertal.

Old Vines N°2- grape vines roots

grape vines roots sheltered by the woods

Old Vines, green vine leaves, red vine leaves

White grape from old vine with green and red vine leaves

Old Vines N°4

Healthy Grapes 2018

Old Vines N°5

Old Vines from Leiwen, Moselle Valley, Germany.

Old Vines N°6

old vines from Maximin Grünhaus, Vineyard Bruderberg, Mertesdorf, Ruwer Valley

Old Wines N°7

100 year old vines

old grapevine

Red old grapevin

wet grapes

wet grapes, grapevine after fog

yellow wine leaves

After grape harvesting, in October 2018. Vine leaves turning Yellow at the red vine.2018 was a very dry year.

vines pictures, old vines N°11

Kaseler Riesling, Mosel-Ruwer, September 2018

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