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Riol Germany

Riol in the Mosel valley

Did a second Battle of Varus take place here?

with its well-known vineyard the "Rioler Römerberg", which got its name to commemorate the local battle between Celts and Romans.

From the top of the Mehringer mountain we can easily imagine how the Treverians, in the year 70 AD, led by Valentinus, were lurking for the Roman legion. The Emperor Nero commetted suicide in anno 68 AD; 4 roman generals were fighting for power. The Treverians probably thought that the Romans were weakened. That turned out to be a huge mistake! For the second time, the Treverians lost the battle against the Roman legion under the command of Cerialis. The Roman historian Tacitus wrote in detail in his 4th book that on the boundary of the ancient Rigodulum (Riol) a huge battle took place against the tribe of the Treverer, who had allied with the Germanic tribe of Bataver.

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