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and differences to Red Wine, Weißherbst, Blanc de Noirs and Rotling

In the production of red wine and rosé wine, the red color comes from the dark color pigments in the grape skins. As soon as the berries are pressed, the pigments come out of the grape skin and colour the grape must red. The rosé wine can be colored to a different degree. The key feature is the time period the must stays in contact with the grape skins. For Rosé this time period is kept significantly shorter (usually only a few hours) than for red wine, which clearly distinguishes it. The color of rosé wines can vary from pale to light red. Rosé is a typical summer wine. It tastes the best when chilled.

Excerpt from the Württemberg wine-growing region (Quelle: BMEL): Rosé from Württemberg is a wine made exclusively from red wine grapes. Usually it is coloured pale to light red and has sensorily perceivable fruitiness; additionally for pearl and sparkling wines it is fine-sparkling or fine-foaming (effervescent). It differs from red wine by its lighter and fresher nature and lower tannin content.

Excerpt from the Saxon wine-growing region (Quelle:BMEL): Rosé wine from this area is usually made from red grape varieties. The "Weißherbst" is defined as a rosé wine, which is a quality wine made from a single grape variety and of at least 95% light-colored musts.

In other words, the rosé wines and the Weißherbst are more coloured in contrast to Blanc de Noirs. In addition, the Weißherbst may only be made from a single grape variety. Only 5% are left for blending with a red wine of the same vine to enhance the color. A certain color for the Weißherbst is not required. So it could be white too, such as Blanc de Noirs. Rosé can be a mixture of different red grapes, but it does not always have to be the case. And finally, a Rotling is a blend of white and red grapes, which color varies from pale to light red.

Under Kellertechnik you will find further explaination on the production.

White zinfandel is a rose, not white wine.

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