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Ruwer Valley

Ruwer Valley

inclusive the Nature Park "Saar-Hunsrück" and Hochwald.

I was born and raised in Trier until I moved as a young man with my family to the Hochwald and Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park. I invite you to take a look on our region in different seasons of the year and from various perspectives. The famous son of the city Trier, Karl Marx has been closely linked with the Ruwer Valley. His family owned a vineyard in Mertesdorf for almost thirty years. Today it belongs to the Maximin Grünhaus winery. The Ruwer river is from its source to the estuary about 40 kilometers long. Because the Ruwer Valley is very narrow and steep, the vines are cultivated exclusively on steep slopes. Minerals, such as Devonian slate, ancient diabs and quartzite give these wines a special structure. At a height of about 140 to 400 m above sea level, 179 hectares of vines are cultivated. The smallest part of the wine region Mosel is world-famous with its top vineyards, such as Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg, Kaseler Nies'chen and Maximin Grünhaus Abtsberg. The Ruwer Riesling has a great past. It was traded as the most expensive wine worldwide, followed by the Saar Riesling Scharzhofberger. The present shows that it is still one of the best Rieslings in the world today.

Existing and lost vineyards in Ruwertal.

Franzenheim: Johannisberg
Kasel: Herrenberg, Dominikanerberg, Kehrnagel, Hitzlay, Nieschen, Paulinsberg, Timpert.
Korlingen: Leikaul
Mertesdorf: Maximin Grünhaus (Grünhäuser: Bruderberg, Abtsberg, Herrenberg); Lorenzhöfer: Mäuerchen und Felslay, Johannisberg, Herrenberg
Morscheid: Heiligenhäuschen, Dominikanerberg.
Riveris: Kuhnchen, Heiligenhäuschen.
Ruwer/Eitelsbach: Karthäuserhofberg (Kronberg, Orthsberg, Sang, Stirn), Sonnenberg, Marienholz, Maximiner, Domherrenberg.
Sommerau: Schlossberg
Waldrach: Heiligenhäuschen, Hubertusberg, Sonnenberg, Jungfernberg, Krone, Laurentiusberg, Ehrenberg, Doktorberg, Meisenberg, Jesuitengarten, Kurfürstenberg.