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Graf von Bentzel Sturmfeder, Pinot Noir, VDP-Prädikatsweingut

Portugieser Weissherbst

Weißherbst, Dry, Palatinate


is a quality wine for friends of varietal wines

In the production of red and rosé wines, the red color comes from the dark color pigments of grape skins. As soon as the berries are pressed, the pigments come out of the grape skin and color the grape must red. For this quality or predicate wine, only healthy and ripe red grapes of a genus are chosen. Careful harvesting and processing to quickly separation of the mash from the grape skin is a big challenge. The must shall be made from 95% light-pressed must.

Up to here the vinification is similar to the Blanc de Noir, but for the Weissherbst only 5% may be blended with red wine of the same grape vine to obtain the desired color. But it does not always have to be the case. It can also look like white wine.

The Weissherbst can be enjoyed chilled. Its quality is largerly unknown and underestimated.

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