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Wiltingen Germany

Wiltingen is the superlative for Saar-Rieslings!

I have particularly good memories of Wiltingen. I spent my childhood and adolescence with my grandmother Lieselotte Vosswinkel in the villa "Felicitas", which Jean-Jacques Koch had built for his son Felix next to his villa "Probert". He acquired also the winery "Scharzhofberg" of the former Abbey St. Martin in Trier after the French annexation in 1797. Jean-Jacques Koch was the great-great-grandfather of the successful winemaker Egon Müller. The Scharzhofberg was, and still is, one of the best and most famous Riesling locations worldwide. I can well remember Mrs. Koch and her partner Mr. Sitte, with whom I played skat at Villa Probert now and then.

1900-1938: The Scharzhofberg wines fetched staggering prices at auctions at the Paris World Fair, in St. Louis and Brussels. The 1911 Scharzhofberger Fuder (about 1000 liters) achieved the price of 10,600 Goldmark in 1913. The gold value was about 0.35892423 g of gold per one Goldmark at that time. The royal houses have bought that spectacular Riesling. Only the Ruwer wines could top that record, when Baron von Stumm-Halberg and his son-in-law Conrad von Schubert achieved even higher prices for the Fuder in 1896 and 1913 : 12,750 and 13,020 Goldmark.

Our wine recommendation from Wiltingen: