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Wine Incompatibility

Wine Intolerance


Sensitive reactions to wine can be very different. Our friend reacts promptly with a red face, encreased perspiration and often a sleepless night (by increasing the heart rate) . Generally, affected people describe:
- problems of the mucous membranes of the nose and / or mouth;
- assosiated respiratory complaints;
- stomach and intestinal complaints;
- itching on reddened skin;
- extremely low blood pressure;
- extremely high blood pressure;
- migraine attacks;
- headache.
Alcohol is a cytotoxin and is often underestimated. Excessive consumption of alcohol can already have a strong influence on the symptoms described above. Why can the symptoms be triggered in small quantities in wine?

1. histamine

2. sulphites

3. pH-value

In this respect, I will also explain the differences, such as "the wine is made in the vineyard" or "the wine is made in the cellar".

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