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FJ Regnery

FJ Regnery

Mosel Riesling Old Vines & Pinot Noir, Barrique matured

Winery F.J. Regnery

Member of the Bernkasteler Ring e.V

Passionate winegrowers and winemakers, this is the case by this family. What they do is absolutely great! Even their simplest Quality wine Cabinet is in the price-performance ratio hard to beat. Their products such as sparkling wines, Rieslings or red wines are exceptionally good. The Pinot Noir is aged in the best rye or even barrique, filtered or unfiltered. I think that these red wines can compete with the best red wines in Germany. The friendly atmosphere is exemplary for the well-known hospitality at the Moselle. Their Old Vines Riesling has been crafted from 94yr vines and is something unique. The "Natural Orange Wine" is a Riesling that is fermented on the mash (similar to the red wine). Another special feature is Verjus, a fine grape juice which is used to flavor food by good cooks. This winery is my favorite.

Franz-Josef Regnery
Mittelstraße 39
D-54340 Klüsserath

✆+49 6507 4636

Pinot Noir

Wine arrangement with red wine, slate, goat cheese and red grapes

Alte Reben

Wine arrangement with old vine, Riesling, slate, cream cheese and red grapes

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